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Understanding Everything There Is About Auto Insurance

So do you understand exactly what auto insurance is and what it means when you have it? This is definitely something you need to fully understand before you get car insurance. Auto insurance is a binding agreement between an insurance company and an individual and their car. The individual agrees to pay a monthly fee for the company to take care of any expenses or losses to the insured's vehicle. Before purchasing automobile insurance in Sitka County, AK, you should ask yourself a few questions first. Here are some examples:

  • Is Auto Insurance really necessary? – Not only is automobile insurance necessary it is legally required. Have no car insurance at all will hold you liable for any and all damages if an accident occurs. All of it would have to be paid out of pocket and in some states criminal changes can be applied. So if for no reason at all, you should get car insurance just so that you don't have to pay out any money for damages occurred.
  • Who is Auto Insurance For? – Normally a car insurance policy is only for the owner of the car. However, the owner can list their spouse or any other family member they choose as additional drivers on the policy.
  • What exactly Does Car Insurance Cover? – Car insurance policies cover any injury or damage to an individual's car. You can add or subtract the type of coverage you want for your insurance policy depending on what you need. For example, your insurance policy can cover just you as the driver and your car, you and any passengers who drive with you in the car, and any passengers, you and your car against someone else on the road who may not be insured enough or may not be insured at all. That way you are completely covered in all areas in case of a car emergency.
  • Your Car: 1 or more than one car that is listed on your policy is insured for damage or loss, your fault or someone else's.
  • You and other Passengers: your insurance policy will cover you and anyone that drives in your car with you. What is covered are medical expenses and/or funeral costs.
  • All of the above plus underinsured or uninsured motorists: everyone who drives the car and is in the car is covered by the auto insurance. As well as a “just in case” clause that covers any losses you may have due to being hit by someone who is either underinsured or not insured at all.
  • How is my insurance Cost affected? – there are a number of things that may affect the price you pay monthly or yearly for your car insurance. Some of these things may be your location (city or state), the make model and year of your car, your age (older and very young drivers), particular safety features of included in your car, policy changes like a high deductible as well.
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