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Auto insurance for hybrid cars

Hybrids are the future.

Everyone is certain of this. Current sources of fuel are not only exhaustible, they are also ultimately dangerous to the planet as a whole. The government in San-Francisco, CA certainly agrees. Every year, new measures are proposed to encourage the adoption of Hybrid cars by the public. It seems despite its purchase price owning a hybrid car is a cheaper option. How much cheaper? Well, you get to save a lot of money on gas. You enjoy deductions on your tax from government sponsored incentives, and insurance houses now offer discounts.

Yes discounts.

By owning a hybrid car it is possible to earn discounts as high as 10 percent on your premium rates. That's money that you can put to other use. Insurance companies are lenient towards hybrid car owners and here is the reason why. Hybrid cars are responsible cars. With all the warnings about the resultant effect of carbon emission on the environment, driving a hybrid is a public statement of concern and responsibility. Simply put, driving a hybrid makes you a good citizen. And insurance companies love good citizens.

Insurance companies appreciate people who are stable and prone to less associated acts of risk. People who fit this profile fall into the category of “Preferred insured category”. People in this category are less likely to file for a claim because of their habits and personality. For instance a 60 year old man who drives a simple sedan once a week, for 20 minutes is less likely to get involved in an accident than a 31 year old salesman who travels a lot in a sports car. Rates are calculated based on perceived risks. The lower your risk, the lower your rates.

Hybrid car owners fall within the safe category. Statistics show that majority of hybrid car owners are married and above the age of 40. This qualifies them as being more stable, financially and morally. Stability is an important factor in the insurance industry. Stable people are deemed less likely to have an accident. This is why owning a hybrid earns you a discount. Having a hybrid gives your positive points in just the same way a DUI record will earn you negative points and rates increase.

So why don't you consider buying a Hybrid. The benefits of owning one are numerous. You get to save a lot of money on tax and your insurance rate. You will also feel less guilty when documentaries complain about the planet's health. There seems to be really no down side to owning a hybrid. Whilst hybrids are yet to match the top speed of gas fuelled sport cars, they can easily hit the 120mph mark. Not that you're going to be speeding in them. Insurance houses don't want you speeding on the highway. They prefer if you remain a firm stable and responsible policy holder.

And that's why they are willing to give you a discount for it.

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