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What You Need To Know And Understand Auto Insurance

When you purchase car insurance in Idaho, there are lots of terms of your policy that you must familiarize yourself with before you sign anything. You must know what the insurance company knows so that you are well-informed and not lost in your understanding. Be aware of what you are signing up for. The following list will help you understand the most important insurance terms before you sign any paperwork.

  • Absolute Liability – No matter who is at fault, there is liability.
  • Additional Insured – Individual named as additional driver on an insurance policy.
  • Adjuster – The investigator of insurance claims who settles claims for an insurance provider.
  • Age Limit – The age limit of driver that an insurance company will cover.
  • All-risk policy – All losses as a result of an accident are completely covered.
  • Amendment – Any changes to your policy located in professional document, to be signed by the customer and the insurer.
  • Automobile Physical Damage Insurance – Coverage for fire, collision, theft, or other incidents to your car.
  • Certificate of Insurance – A document given to insured explaining all coverage and benefits of their policy.
  • Claim – A formal petition for a pay out after an accident covered with your policy agreement.
  • Collision Insurance – Insurance protection for collision costs after an accident with another car.
  • Commission – The payment given to an insurance agent for completing a sale on a vehicle insurance policy.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – A policy that gives the insurer coverage for any loss incurred not due to damage.
  • Compulsory Liability Insurance – The lowest amount of covered insurance a driver must have according to the specific laws of their state.
  • Deductible – The lowest amount the insured will pay out after a claim has been made.
  • High-Risk insurer – Individuals with a negative driving record, a red flag, for company, but they are still insured.
  • Liability – Any monetary loss because of personal injury or damage to property, for the insured is covered by the policy.
  • Personal Injury Protection – No-fault coverage; company covers payment for medical fees, job loss, funeral payments, or any other loss for the other party involved in the accident.
  • Premium – The amount the insured pays monthly for their policy coverage.
  • Proof of Loss – Documentation prepared by the insured as proof, in order to receive payment for loss due to an accident.
  • Renewal – The continuation of a policy for another 6 months or year, under the insured and insurer's agreement.
  • Standard Risk – The average individual who is covered by insurance; not considered a high-risk.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage – Coverage for an uninsured driver for possible injury.
  • Waiver – An exemption of some types of insurance coverage of your policy. Insured must sign this agreement.

This list will help make things easier for you when you want to buy your auto insurance.

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